Steps to Selling Your Home That Can Be Done Virtually


Colorado was one of the first states to begin reopening, despite the strict lockdowns that were placed on the Denver Metro Area during mid-March to April. While the state is allowing many businesses to operate under strict guidelines—one ski area included—we’re still a far way away from returning to normalcy. 

Real estate in the area has been moving along despite the pandemic, and a lot of it has to do with the fact that we’re able to use tools to sell virtually. This goes from finding an agent, to creating a listing, and even to showing your home. The experts at Kenna Real Estate in Denver have put together some tips for selling your home virtually

Find an agent and make a plan

Finding a good real estate agent is more important than ever. This is for two reasons. To start, the safety of everyone involved in the home sale should be everyone’s top priority. You’ll want an agent who can work to minimize contact with others involved as much as possible. This person will work to set up online showings, meet with buyers over the phone or video chat, update listings remotely, and work with other parties to ensure that everyone involved is protected. The second reason is that some financial experts believe that the United States is moving towards an economic recession. Thankfully, the market is picking back up, but millions of people are still unemployed nonetheless. Find an agent who has experience selling in a slow market. 

Once you find an agent who exemplifies skills and a want for safety, work with them to create a plan. Do a walkthrough of your house, discuss a good and fair price point, and begin to develop a listing. Ask them for their opinion on how to properly stage the home, how to take good pictures, and what DIY improvement projects can help increase the home’s value. 

Stay on top of social media and your listing

With people still continuing to stay home, social media platforms are seeing a good amount of popularity. Be smart with targeting your audience and don't make mistakes such as fabricating details or skirting around issues with the home. Be open and honest. 

When creating posts or updates, be intentional with the keywords that you use. Talk about the features of your home that are likely to stand out. For example, if the home has a nice backyard, you can use adjectives like beautiful or gorgeous to describe the garden. 

Host a virtual open house

During the process, host a virtual open house using Zoom or a similar platform. The good news is, with Zoom, you can have as many people present as possible—masks not required! Start with a virtual open house, and if you have people who express serious interest, offer to give them a virtual tour before scheduling an in person one. Not only does this help protect you, but it also helps protect everyone else involved in the process. 

Luckily, Denver continues to be an increasingly popular city, and you shouldn’t run into too many issues selling a home here even during a pandemic. As Realtors in Denver, Colorado, our goal is to make the selling process as easy and safe as possible. Contact us today to learn more!

Steps to Selling Your Home That Can Be Done Virtually

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