The Benefits of Senior Assisted Living

Many seniors are set on aging at home. After paying off their homes and making lives for themselves in their communities, they’ve earned the right to enjoy the fruits of their labor. However, particularly after the loss of a spouse, some can experience loneliness that causes them to rethink their decisions.

Here, Kenna Real Estate outlines some of the reasons why more and more people are choosing senior living, and all the special considerations that decision requires.

The Challenges of Aging in Place

Human beings are social creatures, and many seniors struggle with living alone. While aging in place is usually considered the default option, the National Institute on Aging explains that it can come with a few significant health challenges.

  • Health maintenance: When living alone, it’s easier to ignore the little changes that happen over time or write off an emerging health problem as nothing to worry about.
  • Mobility: The home that fit your family perfectly years ago isn’t always best for senior living. Staircases, narrow hallways, and expansive landscapes become bigger safety hazards when mobility problems arise.
  • Nutrition: Due to budget limitations and the effort involved in grocery shopping and cooking, opting for unhealthy convenience foods or skipping meals entirely becomes common for seniors living alone.
  • Physical fitness: As mobility changes with age, working out at home can become nerve-racking, especially for seniors living alone. While gyms are an option, getting there — and paying for it — can be a challenge.
  • Isolation: Isolation may be the hardest part of aging at home because, in addition to harming mental health, senior isolation makes everything else harder. Isolated seniors are less likely to cook balanced meals for themselves, stay physically active, or engage in other healthy lifestyle habits.

Senior Living: Good for Your Health?

Many seniors view assisted living as a place you go when you’re giving up. However, modern senior living facilities are more like apartment communities than the sterile nursing homes we’ve long imagined.

Whether you just want a place with social opportunities and moderate help or need somewhere you can get hands-on assistance with personal and nursing care, there are senior living communities you’ll feel good about calling home. points out that knowing the different types of living facilities and what all they can offer is a great start. The key is knowing how to search for them. Rather than visiting whatever facilities are closest to home, use online guides and advisors to find assisted living communities with amenities in and around Brooklyn that put your health and happiness first.

Health-focused senior living amenities to look for include:

  • Transportation to medical facilities.
  • Balanced meals designed by nutritionists.
  • On-site fitness facilities and fitness classes.
  • Access to grounds, parks, or walking trails.
  • Communal spaces where seniors can mingle
  • Coordinated social events.

Learn More About Senior Living

Even if you’re open to senior living, figuring out how to get from A to B can be a little confusing. These resources will help you learn about different senior living options and the ways to pay for them.

Seniors have earned the right to enjoy their Golden Years. With assisted living, seniors have more time and energy to enjoy retirement in good health, surrounded by good friends, and in a community they’re happy to call home.

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