The Best Times to Deep Clean Your Carpeting

The Best Times to Deep Clean Your Carpeting

Not everyone has chosen to embrace the smooth surfaces and sheens of hardwood flooring. Some of us still stand by—and on—the plushy comfort of wall-to-wall carpeting in our homes. Of course, with the warm feel and soft texture that carpeting offers also comes its downside: it’s a magnet for dirt, dust, spills, and stains. Carpeting will need the occasional deep clean—there’s no way around it, unless you’re resigned to a grimy carpet. What are the best times to deep clean your carpeting? That depends on how long you’ve been caring for the carpet in question.

For New Arrivals: Day One

Moving into a new house? There’s no better time to clean the carpets than before the furniture comes in. Who knows when you’ll have the opportunity to get to some of those hard-to-reach corners again? While we want to assume the best of the previous owners, there’s simply no guarantee that they took the time and spent the money to leave you with clean carpeting. Give yourself the fresh start many departing homeowners won’t give you. While it’s an expense you shouldn’t have to cover, it’s better to do it now than later.

For Longtime Residents: Late Spring

Spring cleaning can encompass a lot of errands. Among them is an annual or biannual serious carpet cleaning. Throughout most of the United States and some temperate parts of Canada, late April and early May provide you with the opportunity to throw the windows open and expedite the drying process with some much-needed fresh air.

Important: if you or someone in your house is sensitive to environmental allergens, introduce fresh air with care. You might allow your carpet to soak up mold and pollen from outdoors. Of course, if you or someone in your house is sensitive to allergens, carpeting may not be the best flooring option.

Landlords: After a Tenant Leaves

It’s hard to find the best times to deep clean your carpeting when you’re not the one living in the space. Still, high-quality flooring is your responsibility as a landlord in a bustling rental marketplace, and when you get an opening to shampoo your shag or brush your Berber, you have to take it. Ensuring that the carpeting looks its best should be on any landlord’s to-do list before it’s time to offer up the property to prospective new tenants. Carpeting that’s free of stains and years’ worth of accumulated dirt could make the difference in closing the deal.

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