The Ultimate Guide for Buying Homes with Acres or Large Lots

Homes with Land in Colorado

The Ultimate Guide for Buying Homes with Acres or Large Lots 

Buying a home with acreage is a popular choice in Colorado. You can find some spectacular properties set on large lots with views of the Rockies or homes with enough land to keep horses and enjoy the great outdoors. If you're dreaming of owning your own land in Colorado then this guide will help you to make  that dream come true. 

Buying Land in Colorado 

Colorado is the ideal place to buy a home with acres. The great climate and spectacular landscapes provide plenty of opportunities for enjoying the great outdoors. Owning your own land in Colorado can be one of the best ways to take advantage of the outdoor lifestyle. 

 Equestrian Homes with Land in Colorado

If you want to buy a house with acres in Colorado, then you will have plenty of options to choose. You could buy a horse property or ranch miles from anywhere or a home on a large lot in one of the suburbs of the Denver-Metro area. Areas such as Aurora, Centennial, Parker, Castle Rock, and Highlands Ranch often have properties set on large lots. If you need even more space, then you can look for properties towards the edges of the metro area or beyond it. The further away you get from the big cities, the more space you will be able to afford on your budget.

The Process of Buying Homes with Acreage in Colorado

The process of buying homes with acres is similar to buying any other kind of property. You will need to go through the same stages of arranging your financing, viewing properties, and making an offer. 

1. Decide What You Are Looking For 

Knowing what you want will help you to narrow down the options and choose the right property. You should think about where you want to be located, how many acres you need, and what features will be essential in your new home. Think about both the house and the land and decide which features you might be willing to compromise on. Would you consider buying a smaller house if it comes with extra acres? Are you looking for Horse Property? Or is the house more important to you than the land? You'll also need to think about your budget and how you will finance the purchase. 

2. Chose a Realtor 

Make sure that your realtor has experience with the type of property that you're planning to buy. Although the process of buying houses with acres is similar to buying other properties, there will be some other considerations. You need a realtor who understands the value of the land and who can advise you on which properties will meet your needs. Realtors who often manage land sales will know about all the potential problems you need to avoid. 

3. Arrange Financing 

Arranging your financing early on can make the process of buying your new home much simpler. You won't have to ask the seller to wait while you search for a lender. Get pre-approved now to ensure you're ready to move when you spot your dream home. If you're buying a home with a large lot, then a regular mortgage broker may be able to provide the services you need. However, if you're buying a ranch or property with a lot of land, it can be easier to go to a broker that often handles these kinds of sales. The lender will be more familiar with the types of properties you're interested in and they'll have a better idea of their value. Be aware that you may need to put down a larger downpayment if you're buying a large parcel of land or if you're buying an empty lot to build on. 

4. Find Your Dream Property 

Now that you know what you're looking for and how much you have available to spend, you can search for a property that suits your needs. Your realtor can identify properties that might suit you, but you can also look at property listings online to see what catches your eye. Take your time to evaluate each property and arrange an in-person or virtual viewing when you spot a property that you like. Ask the seller or your realtor if you have any concerns or you're unclear whether the property has a particular feature that you need. 

5. Make an Offer 

Once you've found the perfect property, you should put together an offer. Make sure to include the pre-approval letter if you've already arranged your mortgage as this can make your offer more attractive to sellers who want to move fast. The seller might want to negotiate, so consider whether you'd be willing to raise your offer and by how much. If your offer is accepted, you and the seller will sign a sales contract setting out the terms. 

6. Arrange Inspections 

If your offer is accepted, you'll need to arrange inspections and appraisals for the property. The inspection should identify any issues with the house that might need work, while the appraisal will check the value of the property. You can negotiate with the seller if there are any issues. The seller might agree to complete some repairs or reduce the price a little to account for these problems. Your realtor can recommend inspectors or appraisers who have experience with larger properties. 

7. Complete the Sale 

All that is left now will be to finish and submit all of the necessary papers. You will then be ready to take over the property and move in. 

 Homes for Sale with Land in Colorado

Things to Consider When Buying Homes with Acreage 

The main difference when you are buying homes with acres or large lots is that you will need to evaluate the land as well as the house. 

Know What You Want to Do with the Land 

Knowing how you want to use your new space will help you to choose the right property. The property that suits you will depend on whether you're looking for a  home with a large lot so you can entertain outdoors or give your children plenty of space to play, need space to create your own garden or vegetable patch, or want a larger piece of land so you can keep horses or get closer to nature. Think about what you want to do with the land now and how your needs might change in the future. 

How Much Space Do You Need? 

The amount of land you need will determine where you should look for properties and how much you will need to spend. You should decide the minimum size you're willing to consider so you can rule out properties that won't suit you. It's also sensible to set a maximum size as a property that is too large for you isn't worth the extra effort it will take to manage the land.  

Be Aware of Regulations and Planning Restrictions 

Make sure you know what you can do with the land if you buy it. Check any local regulations, including the terms of the local Homeowner's Association if you will need to join one. There could be limitations on the purposes the land can be used for or whether planning permission will be granted if you want to build on your land. If you're buying a bigger lot because you want the option of extending your home in the future, then these restrictions could have a big impact. 

 Horse Property Homes with Land in Colorado

Factors to Look Out For When Buying Land 


When you look at listings or view a property with acres, then you'll need to check that the land is suitable for your needs. You should consider the following factors when deciding if the property is right for you. 

  • Terrain: is the land flat or sloping, rocky or smooth? Make sure it will be suitable for the uses you're planning. The direction of the slope could also determine if there's a risk of flooding or erosion and how much sunlight your property will get. 
  • Structures: check that any buildings, shelters, or other structures on the property are safe and suitable for your needs. 
  • Access: make sure you will have suitable access to the land, especially if you'll need to bring vehicles on to it for any reason. Also check for any access rights you'll need to provide for neighbors. 
  • Water: check for a water supply if you will need one and watch out for potential drainage or flooding issues. 
  • Soil: the soil type will affect what you can grow as well as whether the land is suitable for building on. 
  • Vegetation: check the condition of the vegetation and types of plants that are present. Make sure the quality of any pasture is suitable for your needs and watch out for noxious, poisonous, or nuisance weeks. Check for any endangered species that you would need to protect.

If you need advice on buying homes with acres or properties on larger lots, then you can ask an experienced realtor from Kenna Real Estate for guidance. We can help you to find the right property for your needs. 

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