Tips for Living in a For-Sale Home

Tips for Living in a For-Sale Home

If you don't have the opportunity to move until your house is off the market, you have somewhat of a challenge on your hands. And one of the less-discussed aspects of selling a property is how strange living in a for-sale home feels. During this time, it's common for everything to appear odd. Staying in a for-sale house necessitates many last-minute departures for viewings, as well as maintaining your property in peak condition at all times and making homebuyers feel welcomed. Although it's an unavoidable part of the house selling process, there's no reason you can't make it more pleasant. We have just the tips to help you with that.

Living in a for-sale home: A guide

When purchasing a new house before selling your current one isn't viable, you'll most likely remain in your home. Surely you know how to thoroughly clean your house and stage it for the buyers, but what about the actual day-to-day practicalities of living in a for-sale home? How do you maintain being there without completely upsetting your daily lives? Let's find out.

Declutter the space

The time leading up to the listing of your property is ideal for decluttering and decreasing the amount of stuff you have around the house. Evaluate what isn't necessary for your current living situation, then box it up and move it out. It could be clothing for other seasons, holiday decorations, appliances you are not using, etc. You can rent a storage space and load it up there or temporarily store the boxes with family or friends. Since prospective homebuyers appreciate clean and clear spaces, this step will also help you sell your home faster.

What you don't need - sell, trash or donate

While putting away things you won't need in the upcoming weeks, you should also go through your items and dispose of whatever you don't want to keep any longer. When it comes to both organizing your house for a speedy sale and relocating, less is always more. So, pare down your belongings and get rid of anything that isn't fulfilling a function in your daily life. Also, don't forget to clear out the refrigerator and pantry. 

Try to sell or give away as much as possible before recycling or tossing the leftovers. A yard sale is also a good idea to make some money while getting ready to move, too. You should try not to spend too much when relocating, so every extra penny counts!

Remove any valuable items when living in a for-sale home

Staying in a for-sale property means you can't be certain who will come through the door to view the house. As a result, it's critical to plan for any situation by securely storing precious valuables, crucial documents, and prescription drugs. Make room in a safe or secured cabinet for these belongings and place them there. To be extra safe, consider putting them in a safe deposit box or storing them in a storage facility.


In addition, instead of keeping the key in the home, keep it with you. Knowing that the things you can't afford to lose are safeguarded can give you considerably more sense of security.

Prepare a to-go bag

Among the most frustrating aspects of living in a for-sale home is needing to leave whenever a viewing request or an open house comes along. Your real estate agent might call you up while you are in the middle of something and let you know some prospective buyers want to stop by and have a look. If you don't want to or shouldn't be there for the showing, it's handy to have a to-go bag ready for such cases. 

Your grab bag should always stay near and contain the essentials, such as your laptop, tablet, extra keys, personal mail, and so on. These items don't have to be in the bag at all times, but you should decide what you're going to carry and keep it ready for when you do need it.

In addition, you should also set some boundaries with your realtor. You want to sell your home, but that doesn't mean exhausting yourself completely. Make sure they give you at least a two-hour notice before a scheduled showing to have time to get yourself and your home in order.

Create a showing preparation list

Preparation is essential before showing your home. When your house gets on the market, your home should be staged to sell, with everything this includes. However, there are always minor adjustments to make before prospective homebuyers stop by. After all, you want your house to look the best it can so you can sell it fast and for a favorable price.

To be more productive, make a list of everything you want to do for your show prep, such as opening the curtains, turning on all lights, putting away family photos, fluffing cushions, etc. Having a checklist and being able to swiftly check off the boxes will guarantee that you've done everything necessary to prepare your home for every viewing.

Make a plan for your pets

As a pet owner, you want your loyal companions by your side in any situation, even when living in a for-sale home. However, your cats or dogs shouldn't necessarily be there when potential homebuyers arrive. So, you need to make sure you have a strategy concerning your pets in place in advance so that you don't have to scramble at the last minute.

You could, for example, ask a trustworthy neighbor, dog-sitter, or a friend to take care of your pet for the time being. Another option is simply taking them with you when you leave if you don't plan on staying for the showings. Also, don't forget to put away your pet's belongings when getting ready for buyers to come.

Final thoughts

Even though living in a for-sale home might seem like a hassle, remember that this is only a temporary arrangement. Once your house is sold, you get to move on to a new chapter in life, where better things await. Good luck!


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