Top Home Design Trends To Try in 2021

Top Home Design Trends To Try in 2021

Everyone’s ready to shake up their surroundings, and with the new year comes fresh ideas. These are the top home design trends to try in 2021, whether you’re planning a luxe remodeling project or just want to tweak your décor.

New Colors

The good news: you have plenty to choose from. Pantone announced its chosen two colors of the year—gasp!—but designers are yawning at the selection of Ultimate Gray. It’s been the go-to shade for walls and flooring for years now. But Illuminating is a bright lemon yellow that’ll startle you out of any winter doldrums. It’s better in smaller accent pieces and in rooms that already get a lot of natural light. If you prefer something more muted, millennials have turned Blush into the new neutral. They’re using it wherever they’re bored of white.

Indoor Greenery

The pandemic has sparked new appreciation for plants, whatever the form: thoughtful gift deliveries, elaborate herb window gardens, ways to keep the air fresh. Some smart homeowners passed on the impulse to adopt another pet by nurturing a new indoor tree. Plants are a great excuse to show off an incredible vase or elegant hollow sculpture, or soften modern décor. If you’re feeling ambitious, the trend to blur the line between indoors and outdoors is culminating in breathtaking “living walls” of plants. The vertical gardens are like a lustrous, three-dimensional accent wall you can talk to.

Natural Textures

With travel curtailed, homeowners are craving more exotic touches with a getaway flavor: rattan furniture and accents, more tactile wall finishes, travertine touches, and global knickknacks. You can go as big as you want with furniture in earthy palettes, or incorporate woven fabrics in your window treatments or bedding. You’ll see more wood in items. Additionally, it’s finally time to break out all the treasures you’ve gathered on your travels. One of the top home design trends of 2021 is to redecorate with what you already have, especially if you’ve put some of your favorite pieces in storage. Bring them back out. If they’re extravagant, make them focal points. If they’re tropical souvenirs, get to work creating a home oasis.

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