Use a Realtor when Buying a New Home from the Builder

How to Buy a Brand New Home from the Builder with a Realtor

When buying an older home, it can often be difficult finding exactly what you want. A home built to someone else’s specifications does not necessarily fit your ideas. This is where a new construction home can be a better option. Fortunately, there is a wide range new luxury homes in the Denver area, either already built or ready to be bought off plan. When buying newly built homes, working with a Realtor is vital to ensure all the details of the transaction are dealt with properly. In law, the duty of a builder’s agent is to look after the builder’s interests, whereas a Realtor will be strictly in your corner. There will be points you’ll need to clarify with the builder, and Realtors are professionals who will ask the right questions. They can help you with custom specifications, or when you are buying a spec home will help you to have a say in its finished appearance. A realtor will make sure you get the best deal possible.

Use an Experienced Realtor

An experienced Realtor will help you though the complexities of the contract and advise you on your obligations and when you should schedule inspections of the construction. A builder won’t give a discounted price on new home sales unless you are represented by a Realtor. Many builders now actually hire Realtors as sales agents, and will not deal with a buyer who is not represented by a Realtor. The Realtor’s role is critical in any property purchase, taking the load off the buyer and dealing with the legal issues around the property, assessing its true value, its power and water supply, and advising on any problems associated with the property or its location. A Realtor allows you go into the purchase with your eyes wide open and with peace of mind. You will be contacted weekly and be kept informed about the construction schedule and the progress of the sale. Your Realtor will deal with the conveyance process on your behalf, coordinating closure and resolving any timing issues.

 New Home Building Alive in Colorado

The semi-rural town of Parker, or the cities of Highlands Ranch and Lone Tree, Colorado, in the South Metro area of Denver, are all areas where new homes of exceptional quality can be found. Your Realtor will help you search through the different options for new construction homes and advise on selection of the right location for your needs. This can mean casting an expert eye over floor plans, energy saving features and community amenities. They will also answer your questions on local shopping, schools and leisure facilities. Some new construction communities are built like resorts, with community centers, clubhouses and pools. They may also have access to nearby protected open spaces with hiking trails. Parker homes offer space to breathe, great views and a relaxed lifestyle, although it is only an hour’s commute from Downtown Denver, comparable to the more highly developed suburbs of Lone Tree or Highlands Ranch. Whatever your requirements, your realtor will point you in the right direction, saving you time and money.

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