Military Personnel Looking to Buy or Sell a Home in the Denver Metro Area With a VA Certificate

VA Financed Homes for Military Personnel Purchasing a Home In Denver Metro.

Are you an active duty officer, an enlisted military member or retired military who’s is serving or have served in our armed forces or a government employee looking to buy a home in Denver Metro with your VA Certificate? Kenna Real Estate can help. As a veteran myself of the United States Coast Guard, I know first-hand what it is like to get orders to relocate your tour of duty to a new city or town; it can be somewhat of a daunting process especially if there is a Military family involved. To get information on the Denver Metro real estate market click on the following link.

Kenna Real Estate Knows VA Loans

Our Kenna Real Estate team works closely with military and government employees to ensure our buyers and seller`s real estate needs are addressed; taking into consideration the smallest of details during the home buying and selling process, resulting in the best real estate transaction outcome possible. Kenna Real Estate has a proven track record in delivering outstanding service to our VA buyers and sellers assisting new Colorado residence such as military personal using VA Certificates and government employees with their move.

There are many options for military and government personal when looking to move into the Denver Metro area, such as purchasing a home, moving into a residential family home with a lease to own program or renting an apartment. We have helped many military personal find a home to live in are honored to work with all individuals of the military. There are going to be different needs and opportunities in home ownership depending if one is an officer in the armed forces or enlisted member working their way up the military chain of command. Officers tend to have longer stents in one location with increased borrowing potential. Non officers work hard and are also greatly respected and appreciated, but in general don’t have the same borrowing power making it more challenging for enlisted military personal to find a good home in the Denver Metro, Colorado Springs and the overall Front Range real estate market. Not to worry, Kenna Real Estates team of professionals can assist in assisting that all our buyers get into a beautiful home, officers and enlisted alike. We will look at a buyers options and choose the best options ranging from VA financing, Conventional financing, FHA financing or Rent to Own. Depending on the type of loan, how much money is being put down, income, credit history and residential history Kenna Real Estate will find a solution to home ownership.

Denver Metro is a large city that is fairly spread out; with the the Buckley Air Force Base being in the heart of Aurora, many military and government personal seek to reside In Aurora taking advantage of a home purchase, single family rent to own. Aurora’s municipality consists of Arapahoe, Adams and Douglas Counties. Aurora’s locations is convenient to the Denver International airport, and the Cherry Creek Reservoir. Aurora has a vibrant community with a wide variety of social functions to attend making Aurora an enjoyable place to own a house, townhome, condo or taking part in a lease to own program. Colorado Springs is another area of Colorado that has a strong military presence and is also a popular area for military personal and government employees moving into Colorado looking to buy a home, townhome, and condo or take part in a rent to own program. Colorado Springs is the largest city by area in Colorado and is the second most populated city in the state of Colorado. Colorado Springs is centrally located to the Peterson Airforce Base, Ft Carson, and Cheyenne Mountain Airforce Base. Colorado Springs is not far from Pikes Peak allowing convenient access to Pike National Forest for amazing hikes and site seeing adding to the overall attraction of Colorado Springs for homeowners looking to own a home, townhome, condo or rent such as an apartment or take part in the Rent to Own program. For More information on the lease/rent to own program click on the following link.

We Help the Military Relocate - Across the Country or Across Denver

As a member of the military; active duty or reserve, armed forces or government employee, one would have access to Veteran Affair Benefits when it comes to financing the purchase of a home. The VA will issue a VA Kenna Real Estate works closely with a team of preferred lenders that specialize in VA (Veteran Affair) transactions. If you are active duty military, in the reserves, government employee or a veteran and interested in getting more information on VA financing options for the purchase of a home just click on the link for further assistance. Click on the following link to start your home buying or selling.








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