What is a "Flash Sale?" What does that mean to the Denver Area Home Buyer and Seller?

"Flash Sales" are Heating up the Denver Real Estate Market!

There are some Denver Area housing markets heating up so much that homes are selling in less than 24 hours?also known as a ?flash sale.  WHAT?  Yes, you did read that right! We have had many home we have listed lately go in the first day and for more than asking price!  It is crazy how the market changes,

There are many Agents looking at the homes at the same time with thier buyers and many homes are in "Bidding Wars!" These home with many offers are going for way more than asking price in many cases. 

Recently analyzed MLS (Metrolist)  and other additional housing data between Oct. 1, 2012 and Feb. 26, 2013, to reveal which metro areas are seeing some of the fastest sales.  Rankings on cities that were seeing a home status going from active to pending or under contract in less than a day after being listed. 

The following cities are seeing the most flash sales:

  1. Phoenix: 540
  2. Chicago: 261
  3. Houston: 188
  4. Dallas: 184
  5. Austin: 163
  6. San Diego: 135
  7. Los Angeles: 132
  8. Sacramento, Calif.: 128
  9. Denver: 115
  10. Portland, Ore.: 115
  11. Las Vegas: 100
  12. Baltimore, Md.: 97
  13. Washington, D.C.: 87
  14. Seattle: 87
  15. San Jose, Calif.: 74 
If you want to Sell your Denver are House or buy a home in the Metro area we can and will help. You need an "in" these days. Now you have an ally in your real estate transactions. 
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