What Is the Americans Perception of the real estate market?

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According to Edelman Berland’s survey, American consumers’ perception of the residential real estate market is as follows:


There is a strong belief among this segment of the population that the housing market is on the right track and that is committing almost 7 out of 10 to buy or sell a home this year. Millennials belief in real estate is actually higher than the overall population.

  •  77% of consumers (and 85% of Millennials) have a favorable view of housing
  •  79% of people (and 83% of Millennials) believe the housing market is on the right track
  •  69% of consumers said they are committed to buying or selling a home now


The extreme weather faced by much of the U.S. definitely delayed many real estate transactions. That pent-up demand is now being released causing price appreciation in many regions of the country. This rise in prices and the expected increase in interest rates is causing many purchasers to buy sooner than later.

  •  The main reason (45%) people waited to make a real estate transaction is they were waiting for spring weather to arrive
  •  76% of consumers believe that pent-up demand will create even more competition for existing homes
  •  74% of consumers are most concerned about higher than expected prices when buying a home this spring
  •  83% of consumers are motivated to act sooner than later because they fear interest rates will increase
  •  80% of real estate consumers are more committed to buying
  •  78% of potential buyers said it will be easier to purchase a home this spring since “homeowners want to sell”
  •  72% are encouraged because “the economy is improving”
  •  46% of buyers said spring was a more favorable time to buy a home
  •  28% of buyers said summer was a more favorable time to buy a home (an 8% increase over last summer)
  •  83% of real estate consumers are more committed to selling
  •  63% of sellers are buoyed this spring by the improving economy and their perception that buyers are motivated following the difficult winter

Other interesting findings from the survey (broken down by buyers and sellers):



Bottom Line

The real estate market will continue to gain ground through the summer as more and more people realize this is a great time to move. And, the vast majority (88%) of those surveyed realized that hiring a real estate professional is important to their home buying or selling success. Call Craig Adelman at 303.809.8979 to get your Pre-approval and start house hunting!

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