What Water Treatment Considerations Look Like When Constructing a House


There is a laundry list of considerations that come with the construction of a new house. Building a new house mostly boils down to location, contractors, house plans, and many more. One overlooked aspect of such a huge project is water safety and treatment. Of course, connecting the home to a water supply is on that list but small details might slip away. 

This is where planning for a new home with water treatment considerations in mind will prove useful in the long run.

What Will Be the Water Source?

The location of a home is an essential factor to consider, not only for the convenience of services nearby, but also to know where the water will come from. Generally, there are two main options of water source for a home, either connect to a municipal water source or build a private well. 

It would be ideal to know which options are available before buying a plot of land and building a new house. Without prior knowledge, the choices might be narrower and only a private well could work. This comes with its own set of considerations and unanticipated problems will make things harder.

If the water source is not a deal breaker, then planning for each of them will come into play. For building purposes, the water source will not be a huge issue, but for consumption, certain standards will need to be assured. 

Municipal Water Connection

The main consideration with municipal water for a new construction is to build the necessary infrastructure for it. Municipal water is already treated by the city to make it safe from viruses and bacteria. However, there can be other problems that arise with certain contaminants that still make their way into the infrastructure. 

Chemical compounds that are usually used to clean water, like chlorine, also cause unpleasant odors and tastes. The water may leave limescale deposits on surfaces, although when building a home you may not see deposits on the sink as there is no sink. If a water treatment device would be required, then planning the house layout will come in handy to make sure there is enough space. 

Apart from knowing that a municipality water source is available, where that source is located is another piece of information to gather. Usually, the water main is either on the road or closer, but in rural areas, the distance could be greater. This range between water main and house will affect the budget to supplement for more pipes, but it will also affect where the kitchen or bathroom would be constructed. 

If water treatment is required, the placement of the device should be taken into consideration when designing the room placement. Even water that runs into the bathroom may need treatment to deal with a high level of limescale that can impair soap lathering and even irritate the skin. 

Private Well Water Source Connection

Many more problems arise with private well water especially if it’s the only water source available. On one hand, there is the matter of building the well itself, and on the other hand, well water needs to be tested with regularity. After testing, one or more water filters will need to be installed so that water treatment goes smoothly. 

The appropriate water filter for a well will depend on the level of contamination and the specific pollutants found after testing. The house’s layout will change depending on where the well shall be constructed. This will also provide the perfect opportunity to build a place for the well water treatment device. 

Weather conditions are something else to consider with well water. Depending on the local climate, high or low rainfall both have consequences for well water quality. The water can be cloudier than usual or depleted in warm periods. The right pump paired with a good water treatment device will be a godsend. 

Water Treatment Based on Location

Tap water from the municipality is often time easier to deal with. The things that can go wrong with it are limited and they have gone wrong for someone else before. Because of this, many options have been developed to take care of tap water issues and provide clean water. 

All these options are available before even beginning the building process of a house, and thus choosing a water treatment device is easier. Foreknowledge about water quality in a specific region will offer the best solution for water treatment for that specific quality problem.

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All in All

Building a house is an arduous process and there are many responsibilities to uphold. Water safety and its potential treatment are only one facet of it but an important one nonetheless. Gathering all the possible information about water sources and their quality will influence how the house will be built and what water treatment devices to install. Planning is the bread and butter of constructing a house and in those plans, water treatment can fit and be a long-term asset.


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