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Kenna Real Estate keeps abreast of any HUD homes for sale in Broomfield. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) homes are generally foreclosed homes that were mortgaged using Federal Housing Authority (FHA) loans. The federal government essentially owns these homes and will usually release them onto the market at low prices. With Kenna as your real estate agent, you can get first crack at HUD homes in Broomfield and throughout the Denver Metro Area. Kenna maintains a HUD home designation in Broomfield and can show you the options before they hit the broader market.

HUD Homes are Great Bargains!

Some homebuyers may think this is too good to be true. While a HUD home may need some repair or rehabilitation, most of these homes are structurally sound. HUD homes are generally sold as-is and may need a fresh coat of paint, replacement appliances, maintenance to the HVAC system, new carpet or flooring, minor repairs, or replacement landscaping. Because the government owns these homes, and they don't make repairs prior to sale, you can find some great deals on homes with minor dings and dents.

Far from being a total rebuild or renovation, a HUD home simply needs a bit of care and investment to be good as new. Be sure to have the home inspected before purchasing to be sure you don't get any surprises, particularly with the roof, foundation and other expensive components. Generally, HUD homes are discounted properties that can be updated at a reasonable price and with a minimum of effort. You will want to work with the experts to ensure you get the right home. If you are interested in a discounted property in Broomfield or surrounding area that may need a bit of work, contact Kenna to discuss available HUD homes.

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Kenna Real Estate is a HUD Expert.

The team at Kenna Real Estate prides itself on getting great deals for clients. This is true when markets are booming and also when they are not. In any recent real estate market in Broomfield, Kenna has consistently brought value to its clients. Kenna studies the local HUD market, and is constantly studying the regulations, available auctions, and pending listings for this type of product. Ask your friendly Kenna agent about upcoming HUD opportunities, detail your requirements and chances are good that you can find the home you are looking for. With a little patience, and a partner like Kenna, it's only a matter of time.

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Broomfield, Colorado is a thriving suburb north and west of Denver. Situated between Denver and Boulder, Broomfield features several cultural landmarks, excellent commuter access, majestic mountain views, a large shopping mall, the Broomfield Event Center (also known by other names), and much more. This is a great community for young couples, professionals, and even for those of retirement age.

Boulder Turnpike

The Omni Interlocken development along the Boulder Turnpike features multiple golf courses, hotels, and conference space. This is a premier destination for business conferences, seminars, sales meetings and above all, golf! Kenna Real Estate specializes in homes and condos with golf course access and can unlock the extraordinary value in the Broomfield area. HUD homes in Broomfield provide a discounted entry point into the American Dream. If you are interested in owning a HUD home in Broomfield or anywhere in the Denver Metro Area, contact the professionals at Kenna Real Estate.

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