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Kenna Real Estate assigns a Client Care Coordinator for every real estate client. The Client Care Coordinator is a key player on the team, with responsibility for communicating, scheduling, follow up, logistics and basically every aspect of customer service. This key and unique role sets Kenna Real Estate apart in terms of commitment to the client. Kenna Real Estate has offered elite real estate services to buyers and sellers in the Denver Metro Area and greater Colorado for many years and prides itself on superior services. This commitment to customer service is reflected in the dedication of the Client Care Coordinator.

Kenna Assigns a Client Care Coordinator for Every Client!

Buying and selling real estate in the Denver area can be stressful and anxious but also a lot of fun. The Client Care Coordinator assures that every client of Kenna Real Estate enjoys a professional, insightful, and supportive real estate experience. This means frequent communication, either by email or phone, consistent scheduling, convenient showings, and going above and beyond the normal standard for service. The Client Care Coordinator will often be working in the evenings and on weekends to support your agent, and find either the right buyer for your property, or the right home for your real estate dollar.

Kenna is a Full Service Real Estate Agency.

Real estate options in the Denver Metro Area are large and various with several different neighborhoods, suburbs and towns to choose from. There are many luxury homes, homes on golf courses in gated communities, condominiums, townhomes, ranch properties, mansions, oversized lots, urban and suburban dwellings, and the good old Denver bungalow in some of Denver’s classic neighborhoods.

Many communities in Colorado feature panoramic views of the mountains and prairies with wild animals roaming, and eagles soaring overhead. The Denver Metro Area is served by a network of light rail trains and the booming hub of Denver International Airport. Denver is also an increasing economic hub with large telecommunication companies, oil and gas, education, healthcare and many other industries well represented. The bottom line is that Denver is a highly attractive place to buy and sell real estate with strong markets that have withstood recent economic downturns with flying colors.

If you are looking to buy or sell real estate in Denver or anywhere along the Front Range, contact Kenna Real Estate to get exactly the real estate services you need. Your assigned Client Care Coordinator will support your dedicated real estate broker in finding the right property or buyer, scheduling any showings, scouring the listings, assisting with any transaction, and getting you into the real estate transaction of your wildest dreams. The team at Kenna Real Estate can help to guide you through real estate market in Colorado and the Denver Metro Area.

Client Care Coordinators are well trained, professional, knowledgeable, hard-working, and dedicated to your satisfaction. These professionals have been supporting real estate transactions in Colorado for several years with many satisfied clients. Some coordinators at Kenna Real Estate are studying to become real estate agents, some prefer to assist the broker team, but all of the Client Care Coordinators are committed to servicing Kenna clients with passion, integrity, fair dealings, support and genuine concern for the well-being of others. At Kenna Real Estate we know our clients want buying or selling a home to be a satisfying and comfortable experience.