Property Management in Denver: Denver CO Property Management Fees

Property Management & Leasing Service Fees

Property Management Services

  • Property Management Fee: 10% of gross monthly rent amount
  • Leasing fee: equal to half of one full month's rent (new tenant)
  • Renewal fee: $250.00, same tenant with new lease, deducted from the first month of the new lease
  • Service fee: Not applicable. We do not mark up the cost of the repair or service when using outside vendors. If/when repair or service is required, we reserve the right to authorize up to $400.00 on your behalf and obtain your approval for expenses that exceed this amount, unless it is a health/safety issue that requires an immediate resolution.

Leasing Services (Property Management Not Included)

  • Lease duration less than or equal to six months: 50% of one full month's rent
  • Lease duration over 6 months: fee equals one full month's rent

Affiliate Business Arrangements

Kenna Real Estate may or may not realize a profit in providing some of the services as they may be required. These services may include lawn service, cleaning service, and/or repair services. The billing rates will be separately addressed and agreed upon in the management addendum.

Kenna Real Estate carries errors and ommissions insurance. We are licensed in the state of Colorado and abide by Colorado Real Estate Commission rules and regulations as well as all federal, state and local Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity Laws and regulations. To learn more about what we offer, just give us a call or send an email. We look forward to working with you.

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