Property Management & Leasing Service Fees

Property Management Services

  • Property Management Fee: 10% of gross monthly rent amount
  • Leasing fee: equal to half of one full month's rent (new tenant)
  • Renewal fee: $250.00, same tenant with new lease, deducted from the first month of the new lease
  • Service fee: Not applicable. We do not mark up the cost of the repair or service when using outside vendors. If/when repair or service is required, we reserve the right to authorize up to $400.00 on your behalf and obtain your approval for expenses that exceed this amount, unless it is a health/safety issue that requires an immediate resolution.

Leasing Services (Property Management Not Included)

  • Lease duration less than or equal to six months: 50% of one full month's rent
  • Lease duration over 6 months: fee equals one full month's rent

Affiliate Business Arrangements

Kenna Real Estate may or may not realize a profit in providing some of the services as they may be required. These services may include lawn service, cleaning service, and/or repair services. The billing rates will be separately addressed and agreed upon in the management addendum.