IDX Help

How to Use to find Real Estate MLS Listings

Bookmarked Listings

Bookmarked listings are listings that you want to save and view later.
Bookmark a Listing
To Bookmark a Listing click the star icon near each listing result or the Bookmark Listing button found on each listing's details page.

Saved Searches

If you find yourself searching for the same types of properties all the time, you needn't fill out the search form each time--create a saved search for one click access to search results.
Save a Search

To Save a Search Click the "Save this Search!" link found at the top of any listings results page.

Daily Listing Updates

New listings matching your saved search criteria will be sent to you each day. This will keep you informed on the latest properties available.

The Closest Schools both Public and Private? 
After clicking on a listing, choose View Details,  at the bottom choose Next Steps, then School Info.  This takes you to the website of the Institute of Education Sciences where you can find information on the schools and libraries in the area.
How long has this home been on the market? 

With the properties in the search set on List, (the default setting) on the bottom right is a box phrased as “Days on Website”.  Since any new listing is immediately placed on the website, this category is a good approximation of the time on the market.

To Receive New Listings as they Hit the Market?

You must have Saved the Search.  First provide details of the type of property, home or condo you are looking for. Then Save the Search. Kenna is able to scour the listings and provide real-time email updates as new listings become available. Establish your search parameters and Kenna will do the work to find you the right home.

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