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Hiking and Mountain Biking

Colorado is known for its relaxed, active lifestyle and the many spectacular locations where you can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain biking. If you are looking for a new home in Colorado that will enable you to enjoy this lifestyle to the full then it is a good idea to focus your search close to the best hiking areas and bike trails. You will find plenty of homes for sale in Denver and Colorado that are perfectly placed for these kinds of outdoor activities.

Outdoor Lifestyle Properties in Denver and Colorado

Colorado is the perfect location for enjoying an active, outdoor lifestyle. The climate is generally dry and mild, which means that it is possible to get out for a hike or bike ride at most times of year. Many parts of the state, including the area around Denver, are relatively flat, so there are hikes to suit all levels of ability. Other areas, including the spectacular Rocky Mountains, offer more challenging routes for hikers and mountain bikers.

If you want to enjoy outdoor activities from your new home, then there are many superb locations to choose from in Denver and Colorado. You might want to focus your property search in a city like Fort Collins or Boulder that is known for its outdoor activities. Alternatively, you could look for homes for sale along some of the most popular routes, such as the Cherry Creek trail in Denver.

Even if you don’t have a trail right on your doorstep, you are never far away from open spaces and mountain trails when you are in Colorado. You will still be able to enjoy many long hikes or bike rides, even if you have to travel a bit further to reach the trails. Many Denver locals like to travel to the Rocky Mountains for hiking, climbing, skiing or other outdoor activities. Colorado also has some beautiful state parks and other open spaces where you can enjoy the dry, sunny climate and relaxed lifestyle.

Best Denver Metro Neighborhoods for Hiking

Denver is a thriving city at the heart of a vibrant metro area that includes the neighboring Aurora and surrounding suburbs such as Englewood and Highlands Ranch. Despite its urban character, Denver still provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy an active lifestyle.

The Cherry Creek trail is one of the best routes for hiking in the Denver metro area. Properties in any of the neighborhoods along this trail, such as Cherry Creek, Glendale or even in the center of Denver, will enable you to enjoy regular hikes. Some of the best properties for hikers are around Cherry Creek State Park as you will also be able to enjoy walking through this beautiful open space.

The South Platte River Trail is another popular route that runs along the river valley between Englewood and Denver. Englewood is probably the best location for walkers along this route as it also lies along the High Line Canal Trail, which links Highlands Ranch and Aurora. You will be able to enjoy many different hikes from your new home if you buy in Englewood.

Littleton and Lakewood are two other cities that can make great homes for hikers near Denver. Littleton has the beautiful Waterton Canyon, which features a variety of trails of different lengths and for different abilities. Lakewood also has a wide range of different trails in Bear Creek Lake Park, which is connected to both downtown Denver and the Rocky Mountains via the Bear Creek Trail.

South Jefferson County has some beautifully preserved open spaces with plenty of hiking routes and nature trails to enjoy. One of the most desirable locations for hikers in this area is the Ken Caryl Ranch community, which is set in thousands of acres of its own land. Nearby Willow Springs and Willowbrook also enjoy access to some wonderful trails.

If you are able to relocate to an area slightly further from downtown Denver then you will have even more options for your new home. Many of the surrounding cities have beautiful routes to walk.

Best Locations for Hiking in Colorado

If the Denver-Aurora metro area isn’t right for you then there are plenty of other great hiking locations in Colorado where you will be able to find your dream home.

Boulder is one of the top destinations for hikers, climbers and outdoor enthusiasts in Colorado so it could be the perfect place to find your new home. The Flatirons trail is one of the most popular routes in this area as it takes you up into the mountains to enjoy spectacular views. However, you will have plenty of other routes to choose from if you decide to buy a home in Boulder.

Fort Collins sits among the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, so it is a great place to live if you enjoy a challenging hike. You can follow some flatter routes along the river valleys, but the mountain trails are the best reason to buy property in Fort Collins if you enjoy hiking. The trails here also tend to be a bit less crowded than those nearer Denver, so you will have plenty of space to enjoy your walk.

Colorado Springs is another great city for hiking, although it offers a very different landscape to the Rocky Mountains around Fort Collins. Colorado Springs has some spectacular rocky landscapes such as the Garden of the Gods. You can hike through unique desert landscapes, along refreshing river basins, or up mountains such as Pikes Peak.

Best Locations for Mountain Biking in Colorado

Many of the best locations for hikers in Colorado also have great bike trails, often following the same routes. If you find your new home in the Denver metro area, then you will have plenty of local bike trails to follow. You will also be able to easily reach some more challenging trails within a couple of hours of the city.

Two of the most popular areas for mountain biking near Denver are Buffalo Creek and Hall Ranch. Buffalo Creek provides miles of pristine trails through spectacular scenery. The Buffalo Creek Big Loop is one of the best routes for experienced riders as it climbs almost 2600 feet. Hall Ranch is another great spot for mountain biking near Denver. The Bitterbrush Trail is one of the most challenging routes as it features an area known as the Rock Garden where riders have to surmount a mile of difficult terrain.

Other parts of Colorado also have some amazing mountain biking trails. Boulder and Colorado Springs are great starting points and the Rocky Mountains have miles of singletrack to challenge riders of all levels. You can find some spectacular desert trails in Colorado that offer a completely different riding experience.

The area around Boulder is particularly food for mountain biking as the landscape is full of canyons that offer challenging climbs and descents. If you move to Boulder then you will be able to reach some of the best bike trails in the state right next to your new home. The singletrack routes and dirt tracks to the west of the city are favorites for many locals.

Fort Collins is another great base for mountain bikers in Colorado. You can easily get onto trails from the center of the town, riding towards Horsetooth Reservoir or Bobcat Ridge. You will also find some beautiful routes towards neighboring Loveland that will take you winding up through the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Colorado Springs is another spot where you can join bike trails right from the town itself. You can start off at Palmer Park or Ute Park, or head out of the city to climb up Pike’s Peak. The bike trails in Cheyenne Mountain State Park are another popular location near Colorado Springs, but you will also find plenty of less well-known trails in the area.

Wherever you end up living in Colorado, you will have plenty of bike trails and outdoor spaces to explore near your new home. However, if you’re passionate about mountain biking it is a good idea to consider which areas offer the best trails when you’re deciding where you would like to live. Areas such as Boulder, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs are all ideal for mountain biking so you might want to focus your property search in these cities.

Finding Homes for Hiking or Mountain Biking in Colorado

Finding a home that enables you to enjoy your dream lifestyle is important. Colorado has some of the best hiking and mountain biking trails in the US and the chance to enjoy an active, outdoor lifestyle is one of the most common reasons for people to settle in the state. Although you will find plenty of amazing trails, parks and open spaces all across Colorado, there are some areas that are particularly good for these kinds of activities.

If you need help deciding on the best locations to buy in Colorado so that you can enjoy your favorite pastimes, then you can talk to an experienced realtor at Kenna Real Estate. We can advise you on your property search and which cities or neighborhoods will be the best fit for you. We know how important it is to find the right location when you’re buying a home.

Take a look at the property listings on the Kenna Real Estate website to start searching for hiking or mountain biking properties in Colorado or get in touch for more advice. We’re here to help you to find the perfect home that will enable you to enjoy your dream lifestyle in Denver or other parts of Colorado.