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A cash flow safety net for Denver landlords

A new solution for tenant non-payment of rent

When your tenant stops paying the rent, Aon Rent Protect starts ?I don?t have the rent this month. This is among the most worrisome statements a landlord will hear. This means you pay the mortgage, taxes and other property expenses while WE ARE trying to evict, advertise and re-rent the property. With money still going out and no rental income coming in, the situation can turn into a cash flow nightmare for your residential rental property investment. We at Kenna Real Estate will run background checks, verify application and run the credit to help insure there is a qualified tenant in the home but things happen these days. A loss of employment, divorce, or any other unforeseen event can even effect even the best of renters.

 Recover lost rental income and legal expenses associated with eviction Aon Rent Protect is a new insurance solution designed to protect your monthly rental income from a broad range of tenant situations that can lead to non-payment of rent. You can start protecting your residential rental unit at any time during a lease period and can receive up to six months of rent recovery. Plus, there?s reimbursement for some of the legal expenses to help you through the eviction process.

Premiums start at only $250 a year (about $21 a month), a small price to pay for the security of knowing you won?t have to tap into your savings while looking for a replacement tenant. When you weigh the cost against what you stand to lose, filling this gap in your insurance portfolio makes good business sense.

Talk to an Aon insurance specialist to get started As the world?s #1 insurance broker and provider of landlord rent protection insurance overseas for 20 years, you can count on Aon to help put a financial safety net in place for your Denver residential rental property.

Aon Rent Protect covers tenant non-payment, abandonment, eviction and more. The plan reimburses lost rental income to residential landlords on a monthly basis after a one month?s deductible. The monthly reimbursement and deductible are based on the monthly rent amount per unit. Cost Per Year Designed for affordability, annual rates are based on the monthly rent of each unit. Aon Rent Protect is a tax deductible business expense. Consult your tax professional for more information.

Rent Non-Payment Reimbursement Policy Limit Deductible

Abandonment- Tenant vacates or abandons the rental unit Up to 6 months? rent One month?s rent
Eviction- Legal eviction of the tenant following a court order Up to 6 months? rent One month?s rent
Tenant stops- Landlord issues the required notices of default and Up to 6 months? rent One month?s rent paying rent takes all the legally required steps to initiate eviction
Death- Death of the tenant Up to 3 months? rent One month?s rent
Hardship of a tenant- Tenant obtains a court order cancelling lease Up to 3 months? rent One month?s rent
Military service- Tenant is required to report for duty Up to 3 months? rent One month?s rent

Monthly Rent Annual Cost
Per Unit Per Rental Unit
0 - $1,200 $250
$1,201 - $1,600 $290
$1,601 - $3,000 $425
$3,001 - $5,000 $650
$5,001 - $8,000 $950
$8,000+ call 1.888.722.2172
Legal Expense Reimbursement Policy Limit
Legal expenses Expenses such as court costs and attorney fees Up to $1,000
incurred to evict tenant from the property

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All products are written by insurance company subsidiaries or affiliates of QBE Insurance Group. Coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions and coverage terms are subject to actual policy language. QBE and the links logo are registered service marks of QBE Insurance Group Limited. Aon Rent Protect is the brand name for the brokerage and program administration operations of Affinity Insurance Services, Inc.; (AR 244489); in CA, MN & OK, AIS Affinity Insurance Agency, Inc. (CA 0795465); in CA, Aon Affinity Insurance Services, Inc. (0G94493); and in NY and NH, AIS Affinity Insurance Agency.
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