How Much is My Home Worth?

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 If you're thinking about selling your home then a free market analysis from Kenna Real Estate can tell you how much your property could be worth. We will perform a comparative market analysis to estimate the value of your home on the current market. 

What is a Comparative Market Analysis?

A comparative market analysis is a process that realtors can use to estimate the current market value of a property. The analysis involves gathering some basic information about the property and then comparing it to similar homes that have recently been sold. The comparative market analysis will produce an estimate of the value of the property, but it won't be as accurate as an appraisal carried out by an expert who has seen the property in person. However, it can still be a useful guide as to the value of your property if you put it up for sale in the near future. It should help you to make the right decision about when to sell your home. 

How Does Market Analysis Work?

The best way to estimate the price of a property without a full appraisal is to compare it to similar homes that have recently been sold. You can get a rough idea of how much your home is worth just by looking at recent listings, but this won't be very accurate. Comparative market analysis can produce a more reliable estimate by taking a deeper look at your property and the local real estate market. Your realtor will perform a thorough analysis and use their understanding of the local market to evaluate your property. 

The first step in conducting comparative market analysis is to learn about the property itself. The size and location of the property are the most important factors, but other features of the home can also affect its value. Information such as when the property was built and any recent renovations that have been performed can help make the estimate more accurate. The realtor will check for any additional information they can find about the property, such as past sales prices and the current property tax rate to get a better idea of its value. 

The next step is to gather information about similar properties that have recently sold in the area. The realtor will look for properties that are as close as possible to your home. Similar properties can be identified using the information on their property listings or by looking for additional information such as their property tax bands. The realtor will look for properties that have sold recently, ideally in the last few months, in order to get an up to date estimate of the current market value. The estimate will be more accurate if there are a lot of recent sales in the area and the properties are very similar. It can be harder to produce a reliable estimate if your home is very unusual or there have been few sales in the local area. 

All of the information that has been gathered about your home and similar properties in the same area can then be used to estimate how much your property is worth. The amount that people have spent on similar properties should provide a good estimate for how much buyers would spend on your property.

How to Get a Free Market Analysis 

If you want to find out how much your home is worth then you can get a free market analysis from Kenna Real Estate. Simply fill in the form below and give us your contact details. We will use the information you provide about the property and our understanding of the Denver real estate market to provide you with an estimate of its current value. 

The more information you can provide about the property, the more accurate our estimate of its value will be. The location of your home is one of the biggest factors in its value. You can also provide information about its age, size, and the number of beds and baths through our form. We have provided space for you to add any extra information about the property that might help with our estimate. 

You should include any information that you think could affect the value of your property. You might want to mention: 

  • any significant work you've had done on the property, such as replacing the roof or adding a home entertainment system
  • any issues or repairs that need to be done on the property 
  • valuable fixtures or fittings that will be sold with the property
  • the acreage of any land that comes with the property and whether there are any buildings such as stables on it 
  • if your home is in a gated community or part of a golf or country club 
  • any unusual features, such as a swimming pool, professionally designed garden, or home cinema that could add value to the property 

We provide our comparative market analysis service for free to help you make the right choices about selling your home. Although we can give you a good idea of the value of your property after a market analysis, it is important to be aware that this is just an estimate based on the information that you have provided. If you decide to sell your home, we will be able to give you a more accurate estimate after we take a closer look at the property. We'll always treat you fairly and give you the best advice we can on selling your home. 

Next Steps for Selling Your Home 

Once you have an estimate for how much your home is worth, you might decide that the time is right to sell. Kenna Real Estate has a team of experienced realtors who can help to sell your home in the Denver area. We can help you to set the right list price, create effective marketing materials to show off the property, and find the right buyer for your home. We'll support you throughout the process of selling your home.

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