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Marketing Your Home

If you're selling your home then it is essential to get the marketing right. Marketing your home effectively will ensure that the right buyers see your listing and are convinced to learn more about your property. Kenna Real Estate has lots of experience selling properties in Colorado, so we can get your marketing right when you put your home up for sale. 

Why Is Marketing So Important?

Marketing is essential when you are selling anything. People can only buy your home if they are aware it is for sale and they will only arrange a viewing if they like what they see in your marketing materials.

The first step of marketing your home will be to ensure that the listing is seen by buyers who are looking for this type of property in your area. The best marketing approach will reach the people who are most likely to make an offer. If you're selling a single family home in a Denver suburb, then this might mean targeting families with children. A very different approach would be needed if you are selling a luxury property at a country club in Colorado. The marketing strategy should take into account the price range, preferred locations, property sizes, and features that buyers are looking for in order to bring your property to the attention of the right people. 

Making sure that the right buyers are aware of your property is just the first step in marketing. The next step is to convince them that your property is right for them. The listing should include good quality photos and plenty of information about the property. Buyers will want to know basic facts such as how many beds and baths the property has and how big it is. The best marketing materials will also highlight the most attractive features of your home, whether this is the new kitchen you've had fitted or the well maintained yard. The listing should convince potential buyers to find out more about your property by contacting the realtor or arranging a viewing. 

Marketing Options for Selling Your Home 

A successful strategy for marketing your home will make use of a variety of different routes to reach the right buyers. The marketing strategy can be tailored to your specific needs, but it is likely to include the following methods for reaching buyers. 

1. For Sale Signs 

Setting up a for sale sign outside your home can be very effective at attracting the attention of potential buyers who are interested in the neighborhood. Many potential buyers will want to get to know the area before moving in and they may spot your property while they are walking or driving around. Potential buyers who are viewing other properties in the area could also spot the sign. The for sale sign will also make it easier for buyers to find your property if they have seen it listed or are on their way for an arranged viewing. Kenna can provide for sale signs for your property and we'll also include a brochure box so anyone who's interested can immediately learn more about the sale. 

2. Photo Fliers

Photo fliers are very popular with potential buyers. Many people like to have a paper copy of the details to keep, even if they can also see the listing online. The flyer will include all the relevant information about the property as well as photos of your home. Kenna will prepare a high quality color flyer with photos of your home. We'll share these fliers with our clients and place them in the brochure box outside your home. We also make sure to have fliers for all our listings on hand when we're holding an open house, just in case the perfect buyer comes along. 

3. Multiple Listing Service

The Multiple Listing Service enables realtors to share information about the properties they are selling. Other realtors and brokers will then be able to recommend the property to their clients if they are looking for  new home in your area. Kenna will create and share a professional listing for your home that includes photos and a description of the property. We'll help other realtors and brokers to spread the word about your property. 

4. Online Listings 

Online listings are often the first place where potential buyers will look for properties for sale. An effective online listing will include high quality photographs of your property and all of the information that buyers need to decide if they should contact your realtor. Kenna will ensure that you have an informative online listing that shows your home at its best. As well as listing on your realtor's own site, you can also add your property to other property listing sites to reach more people. Online listings can reach the largest number of people, so they can be one of the best ways to market your property. 

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How Kenna Real Estate Can Help With Marketing 

Kenna Real Estate can take control of your marketing and reach many potential buyers who are looking for the same type of property in your neighborhood. We can get your listing in front of the right kind of buyers and ensure that your marketing materials have the right impact. 

Having high quality marketing materials can make a huge difference when you're selling your home, so you'll be at a big advantage when you work with an experienced realtor. We can ensure that your home looks its best in all the marketing photos and add a professional touch with our name and branding. We also know what buyers are looking for, so we can produce listings and marketing materials that will convince them to take a closer look. Our marketing materials will give you the best chance of achieving a successful sale. 

If you're planning to sell your home then you can get in touch with Kenna Real Estate to learn more about how we can help. We'll make marketing your home and reaching the right buyers as easy as possible for you. 


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